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  • Los Angeles

    Art. Exhibition. Eternally Searching (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13...) solo show by Erika Lizée at Gallery 825 opening October 21. Los Angeles

    21 Oct - 1 Dec

    Eternally Searching (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13...) solo show by Erika Lizée at Gallery 825 opening October 21

    Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825

    Eternally Searching (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13...) by Erika Lizée will be on view at Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825 from October 21 to December 1, 2017.

  • London

    Art. Exhibition. Pearled and Pasted and other new paintings. London

    19 Oct - 25 Nov

    Pearled and Pasted and other new paintings

    FOLD Gallery

    Mali Morris’s new paintings are vivid, playful and generous. Some are amongst the most complex she has made in recent years, others the leanest.

  • London

    Art. Exhibition. Ruairiadh O’Connell - Accurate Results. London

    18 Oct - 23 Dec

    Ruairiadh O’Connell - Accurate Results


    Ruairiadh O’Connell transforms DKUK into an identity parade, archiving the tread of hairdressing clients.

  • London

    Art. Exhibition. CONGLOMERATE, Block 4 Launch, Screening followed by a Q&A with artists. London

    15 Oct

    CONGLOMERATE, Block 4 Launch, Screening followed by a Q&A with artists

    Camden Arts Centre

    Organised in collaboration between Tenderpixel and Camden Arts Centre

  • York

    Art. Exhibition. The Nature of Colour. York

    13 Oct - 11 Nov

    The Nature of Colour

    Lotte Inch Gallery

    A celebration of colour featuring York artists

  • Berlin

    Art. Exhibition. Lucy Skaer. Berlin

    13 Oct - 7 Jan

    Lucy Skaer

    KW Institute for Contemporary Art

    In autumn 2017, KW Institute for Contemporary Art presents the first solo exhibition by British artist Lucy Skaer in Berlin.

  • Canterbury

    Art. Exhibition. All Inked Up. Canterbury

    13 Oct - 9 Nov

    All Inked Up

    Herbert Read Gallery

    All Inked Up is an International Artist Book and Print Event spread over two venues, UCA, Canterbury and The Brewery Tap, Folkestone.

  • London

    Art. Exhibition. Laura Nicholson’s Drawing Beyond that Frame. London

    13 - 15 Oct

    Laura Nicholson’s Drawing Beyond that Frame

    Lomography Gallery Store Soho

    A continuous drawing performance work by artist Laura Nicholson will be taking over the Lomography Gallery Store, from the windows to the floor to the walls.

  • Berlin

    Art. Exhibition. Retrace: Memory and Scenery. Berlin

    13 Oct - 15 Dec

    Retrace: Memory and Scenery


    BERLINARTPROJECTS is glad to open the autumn season with the exhibition Retrace: Memory and Scenery, solo show featuring the works of the well-known Turkish photographer Sitki Kosemen.

  • London

    Art. Exhibition. Human Stories: The Body Issue On The Peninsula. London

    13 Oct - 12 Nov

    Human Stories: The Body Issue On The Peninsula

    NOW Gallery

    NOW Gallery, the hub of creative expression for contemporary art, fashion, photography and design on Greenwich Peninsula is proud to announce its latest collaboration, The Body Issue.

  • Portsmouth

    Art. Exhibition. Never ever, ever after - First Editions. Portsmouth

    13 Oct - 11 Nov

    Never ever, ever after - First Editions

    Jack House Gallery

    Never Ever, Ever After - First Editions'... the collection showcases the book cover designs of an author who never was, Kid Freeman, arranged both by genre and different (fictional) publishing companies that never have, and never will, put these books into circulation.

  • Vienna

    Art. Exhibition. LILO NEIN | Writing Performance 2. Vienna

    12 Oct - 4 Nov

    LILO NEIN | Writing Performance 2

    Galerie Michaela Stock

    The project Writing Performance deals with performance as a multi-medial translation process enabled by collaboration. It is part of Nein’s long-term research about the function of writing and the use of translation within performative practices.

  • London

    Art. Exhibition. A Love Letter to Myself - a solo show by Sarah Nabarro. London

    12 Oct - 18 Nov

    A Love Letter to Myself - a solo show by Sarah Nabarro


    Original paintings from the book 'A Love Letter to Myself' will be shown along with readings from the book. From obsession and addiction towards an idea of self-love, the exhibition allows the viewer to navigate the journey from within, raising questions about what self-love might actually mean.

  • London

    Art. Exhibition. LONDON GEODES: The Beauty Inside. London

    12 Oct - 12 Nov

    LONDON GEODES: The Beauty Inside


    Ventique is pleased to present London Geodes: The Beauty Inside, a new body of work by Matteo Margaroli. The exhibition includes a series of new crystal and metal sculptures which investigate the hidden beauty in nature, unearthing the hidden beauty within us.

  • London

    Art. Exhibition. Shed a Layer - Jasmine Bradbury. London

    12 Oct - 5 Nov

    Shed a Layer - Jasmine Bradbury


    Delicate or strong, malleable or rigid, comforting or banal - these sculptures are full of contradictions that explore feelings of stability and instability through their substance and structure.

  • New York

    Art. Exhibition. Permanent Spectacle. New York

    12 Oct - 12 Nov

    Permanent Spectacle

    Denny Gallery

    Denny Gallery is pleased to present Permanent Spectacle, the gallery’s first solo exhibition with the artist duo Future Retrieval.

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