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  • Art. Exhibition. Fabric of Vision. London

    17 - 22 Apr

    Fabric of Vision

    The Coningsby Gallery

    30 Tottenham Street
    W1T 4RJ



    10.00 - 17.00 Monday - Saturday

    The Coningsby Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of drawings and paintings by Beatrice Hasell-McCosh (b.1990) which will open on Monday 24 April and runs until Saturday 6 May 2017.

    Australian light, Scottish heat and Cumbrian weather have inspired the artist who is based between South London and The Lake District where she grew up. Her work is physically expressive and is a description of her love for chaotic order and tension that mark making produces. Naturally drawn to landscapes she always travels with paint and has become adept at packing lightly in order to work anywhere from Scottish lochs, on top of Cumbrian fells and on farms in the Australian bush.

    Lately she has begun to paint portraits reflecting friends, family and other artists. Painting is a more sociable activity in the city. Beatrice paints with a natural sociability and people who come to her studio for a drink or to look at a picture usually end up sitting for a couple of hours to be painted.

    ‘I paint from life in the main but also more recently from drawings. A year exploring London entirely focusing on the practise of drawing has changed the way I work. If it’s impossible to paint from life because of time or light constraints I find it is equally successful to paint from a tonal image without the distraction of colour in front of you. I came away from The Royal Drawing School attracted to fluid and definite lines in drawings because of their simplicity and success in the conveying depth of an idea quickly.'

    Beatrice grew up on the border of Cumberland and Westmorland on the blustery edge of the Lake District. A BA degree in English and Classical Literature at Leeds was followed by a year at Leith School of Art in Edinburgh and a postgraduate drawing year at The Royal Drawing School, Shoreditch formerly The Princes Drawing School.

    The show will run at two locations:

    17th-22nd April 2017

    The Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 4RJ

    24th-6th May 2017

    The Great Barn, Dalemain, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 0HB


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