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  • art, collage, Jack Samels


    Jack Samels


    I am inspired by industrial tools, knots and rope, animal hide and twine, steel and copper, natural materials and layers of dirt. Drawn to the materials one would normally manipulate with thier hands – wood, stone, metal, woodworking, ceramics, welding, construction– I use flat representations of them. Sometimes I abstract them completely or reinforce with abstract and bold color shapes.

    Making these collages by hand with razors and glue helps structure my process. I am forced to find new colors and textures and the physicality of the work informs how I approach each shape, each blank page.

    I find that the matte paper and styling of art, lifestyle and fashion publications to be the best. After exploring magazine shops for a variety of fresh material, I put each image on trail after cutting, and slowly arrange the fragments in a chaotic dance.

    This series is called Vessels.

    All collage by Jack Samels
  • art, painting, Wang Ziling


    Wang Ziling


    I am interested in exploring our perception of the outside world as a manifestation of the representations of our consciousness. My paintings are composed of collective fragments of objects emphatically associated with memories, which rely on a rational re-interpretation to complete a reconstruction of an event and space.

    The state and relationship between objects in my paintings represent the phenomenon and circumstance of a person in that space. This space is reconstructed by fragments of a person’s sense of time and stream of consciousness and is divided by segments of our perception of life and the integrity of time, leading to more of a sense of alienation and exile. Thus, our perception of the external world is an imposition of person’s consciousness, rather than the ‘thing-in-itself’.

    All painting by Wang Ziling
  • art, photography, Luca Moretti


    Luca Moretti


    Start to photograph by myself, on the threshold of 40 years. I prefer the proximity explorations , the human landscape, his functions. The camera gives me a chance to regain possession of the usual as extraordinary, access to a More Profound experience of Reality, in a peaceful struggle with time.

    I live in Tuscany, not too far from the sea.

    In the ongoing Series [S]lowseason i explore the Tirenean coast of Tuscany.

    All photography by Luca Moretti
  • art, sculpture, Patrick Laumond


    Patrick Laumond


    The MetaHism is an artistic movement that expresses and embodies the human mind as a meta-paradigm.
    This Art of the though...t, connects a global perception of the visible and invisible events simultaneously.
    META, because expressing the Whole, ISM as the concept and universal suffix, which we find in all the movements and H, eighth letter of the alphabet, (letter of the infinity, ∞, lemniscate) separating and unifying.

    All sculpture by Patrick Laumond
  • art, photography, Leonardo Magrelli


    Leonardo Magrelli


    The 'Me error' project shows what mirrors reflect when we are not in front of them. It consists in a series of photos taken facing a mirror, so we should see ourselves reflected in it, but we don’t, as if we were invisible. The result are real images, that exist in the world, but that we can never witness, for we are their own interference. In fact, we will never be able to observe directly what a mirror shows when we are not facing it, because every time we step in front of it, the image that was reflected a moment before is modified by our appearance. Only disappearing, we can observe reality without alterations.

    All photography by Leonardo Magrelli
  • art, photography, Junya Suzuki


    Junya Suzuki


    Since ancient times, the Japanese have had a unique aesthetic sense referred to as 'wabi-sabi'.Generally, this style prefers the mundane over the showy, quietude over eloquence, and stillness over movement. However, almost no opportunity to hear about the style exists in modern times. As time goes by, and as people become more and more superficial, they have lost touch with their aesthetic sense. One day, I found a common point in photos I captured. That's the quietness. I may unconsciously feel an aesthetic sense like 'wabi-sabi' in the environment which keeps creating, destroying and changing all the time. This series is a documentary that seeks for feeling in everyday life.

    All photography by Junya Suzuki
  • art, collage, Debora Van Der Vliet


    Debora Van Der Vliet


    My name is Debora van der Vliet and I am a visual artist living in Amsterdam. With different images, techniques and materials I create new stories with my own inner world as a guide.

    Although I focused on video and animation during my study, my point of interest has shifted to creating collage art. One of the things I find interesting in this medium is the interaction of the images combined. By starting the dialogue and reassembling the found images, allowing them to tell a new story. These stories are surreal and dreamlike, as a kind of lucid dream. Strange but also light and playful.
    That, combined with the presence of several layers does relate to my own inner world which is a conflicting but at the same time harmonious place to be.

    All collage by Debora Van Der Vliet
  • art, photography, Mert Acar


    Mert Acar


    I usually go out and drive to find somewhere that makes me want to stop and take some shots. Exploration takes a great part in my photographic practice. In my photos, man-made surroundings are juxtaposed with natural surroundings of landscape. Currently I’m living in my birthplace Ankara and exploring its rural areas with a new visual approach. My works are not focused on local narratives or documentaries. They are more about how people transform, reshape and modify land. In my opinion altered rural landscapes visually looks similar and most of the time one just can’t simply say where or when a photo is taken exactly.

    All photography by Mert Acar
  • art, photography, 'Window' by Nick Sellek


    'Window' by Nick Sellek


    This series of photographic animated gifs are a cross over with another of Nick's projects called 'Window.'. They were created for the front of Christmas advent calendars with windows, roofs and facades cut and creased to open up to reveal interiors and festive happenings. These displayed here are however just two dimensional, but with slightly animated snow storms. The photographs were taken in New York, London, Brighton & Oxford.

    All photography by 'Window' by Nick Sellek
  • art, collage, Constantinos Chaidalis

  • Brooklyn

    Art. Exhibition. Artist’s Eye: Betty Tompkins on Marilyn Minter. Brooklyn

    10 Dec

    Artist’s Eye: Betty Tompkins on Marilyn Minter

    Brooklyn Museum

    This series of intimate, in-gallery talks by contemporary artists will illuminate our special exhibitions with fresh and alternative perspectives. For Marilyn Minter: Pretty/Dirty, artist Betty Tompkins responds to the legacy of feminism, photorealism, and criticality in Minter’s artworks.

  • New York

    Art. Exhibition. Stories of Shadows. New York

    8 - 12 Dec

    Stories of Shadows


    VICTORI + MO is proud to present Stories of Shadows, an exhibition of recent video work and new installation from Adrienne Elise Tarver exploring voyeuristic notions of insider, outsider and the other.

  • New York

    Art. Exhibition. Andrew Kuo: No to Self. New York

    8 Dec - 14 Jan

    Andrew Kuo: No to Self

    Marlborough Chelsea

    From stock futures to political prediction, the ongoing battle between empiricists and those that depend on instinct has come to a head.



    Art, illustration, Katherine Dawson

    Katherine Dawson



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    Stefano Lemon



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    happyred fish



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    Philippe Debongnie



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    jessica brilli



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    james tebbutt



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    Magda Dudziak



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    Niko Paul