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  • art, photography, Liam Dobbin


    Liam Dobbin


    My name is Liam dobbin, i'm 23 years old. I currently live in cambridge Ontario, a small sleepy town. Fascinated with ethereal landscapes, intimate portraits and vernacular snapshot photography. I like to keep things organic and let things happen on the way, staging and overthinking is to be avoided. I am currently working on a follow up series for romantic void that I worked on in 2012.

    All photography by Liam Dobbin
  • art, illustration, Ivy Chang


    Ivy Chang


    I am inspired by the exploration and language of life, the little and big moments that resonate with me. My work often involves anthropomorphic animals and objects as a way of storytelling from a humorous and charming perspective. I also love graphic designs and writing, which I tried to incorporate in my life as often as possible.

    All illustration by Ivy Chang
  • art, illustration, Nagehan Fenman


    Nagehan Fenman


    My works are always about connection, emptiness and fullness. I am interested more in forms than subject and I like to see shapes that are unseen at first look. Usually i work manually and then i retouch digitally.

    All illustration by Nagehan Fenman
  • art, illustration, Jacek Doroszenko


    Jacek Doroszenko


    The Useful Remnants release is a music concept album touches on a subject of seemingly useless belongings which are becoming valuable when one have to suddenly leave them. Field recordings and musical compositions for this project have been produced in a framework of the Artist-in-Residence Programs at Kunstnarhuset Messen in Ålvik, Norway and Atelierhaus Salzamt in Linz, Austria. The album was released in a strictly limited edition of 10 pieces. Every piece is packaged in a different transparent case, containing the cassette tape, handmade cover and drawings set made on an expired photographic paper.

    All illustration by Jacek Doroszenko
  • art, illustration, André Catarino


    André Catarino


    I’m interested in explore the relation between spaces and the human body, assuming situations of ruin, deconstruction, abandoned places or even landscapes, and presenting them has final composition for the spectator to explore and take advantage of new paths and realities. This way, my artistic path is directed to a crossing of situations between a reality that is familiar to the human being and another that exists after a manipulation of the same through Drawing.

    All illustration by André Catarino
  • art, photography, Ben Gore


    Ben Gore


    'Goodbye, Blue Monday' investigates symbols of age and mortality in the world around us. The book was shot over a year, which coincided with me leaving my job to go freelance as an artist. This change made me hyperaware of time, in that my time was all my own, and I increasingly began to notice symbols of death in the world around me. Death is the full stop to your time and, once you become aware of that, the question becomes how are you going to make the most of it?

    All photography by Ben Gore
  • art, illustration, Luise Faurholt


    Luise Faurholt


    These paperworks mainly explores my own domestic interiors and their inhabitants. My focus is variations of absence and presence in family relations - the slight shifts between closeness, tendeness and intimacy and distance and isolation in everyday life. In this context the blank abstract spaces is as significant as the figurations. As is the physical presence of the work, the textures of the different kinds of paint and the imprints of the pencil on the coarse surface of the paper.

    All illustration by Luise Faurholt
  • art, illustration, Clovis C.M


    Clovis C.M


    I've been exploring the relationship between man and nature. In terms of content I've always had a strong affinity for natural science illustration and portraiture. Stylistically my work is pretty much all line based. I've always loved the graphic nature of linework and how contrasting bold graphic lines with thin delicate lines can give you an ever-expanding range of tools to work with, and it's the use of these tools I look to explore.

    All illustration by Clovis C.M
  • art, photography, Kateřina Zahradníčková


    Kateřina Zahradníčková


    I make small enclosed collections by which I am turning my attention to my surroundings and by which I am trying to catch affected human destinies with as much sympathy as I can give. I try to make my photographs visually simple, non-stylized and functional. I want my photographs to be only whispering to the audience, not shouting to them.

    This series is called 'Friends', a series where Kateřina digs out forgotten clothes and creates figurines out of it to keep her company.

    All photography by Kateřina Zahradníčková
  • art, painting, Joshua Huyser


    Joshua Huyser


    I don't write about my work specifically for the purpose of allowing the work to speak for itself. These pieces hold meaning and significance that is unable to be conveyed through the constricting confines of written language. Words interfere with the experience. I am a painter. I am not a writer.

    All painting by Joshua Huyser

  • London

    Art. Exhibition. Open Studios Weekend. London

    1 - 2 Oct

    Open Studios Weekend


    ArtWest is a collective of artists and makers in NorthWest London, who open their studios to the public one weekend each autumn. This year 6 studio buildings and 1 private house will open their doors to the public, to view and purchase works directly from the makers, who include painters, sculptors, glass-makers, ceramicists, print-makers, furniture designers and more. Please visit our website for more information on the studios and artists taking part, and a map of the area. We will have a minibus for visitors going between the studio buildings.

  • Oulu

    Art. Exhibition. Lorenzö: Way North - Chronicles of Nervei. Oulu

    24 Sep - 23 Oct

    Lorenzö: Way North - Chronicles of Nervei

    The Northern Photographic Centre

    You don’t come to Nervei by chance or by accident. Nervei is not an ordinary Finnmark village. It’s a community, established by the sea, enclaved by nature with yet no road access. Nervei is a place you choose to live in, a place where you decide to stay. Or leave. Nervei is a world in itself.

  • Manchester

    Art. Exhibition. WHAM. Manchester

    22 - 25 Sep


    Transition Gallery at The Manchester Contemporary

    Prints and works on paper



    Art, painting, Laura Kennedy

    Laura Kennedy



    Art, painting, Ekaterina Yanovskaya

    Ekaterina Yanovskaya



    Art, illustration, Tauno Ostra

    Tauno Ostra



    Art, collage, Maike Lüdenbach

    Maike Lüdenbach



    Art, collage, Magda Dudziak

    Magda Dudziak



    Art, illustration, onemouthli




    Art, painting, paula macarthur

    paula macarthur



    Art, illustration, Nicholas Herbert

    Nicholas Herbert