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  • art, painting, Tom Banks


    Tom Banks


    These paintings are made up of scaled-down approximations of real homes that exist on the suburban estates around the town within which I live. The benign uniformity of the architecture found in these well-manicured suburban neighbourhoods engenders an uneasy sense of isolation and conformity.

    Built from ply board, the majority of this work is wall hung, protruding into space, in limbo. Working from photographs taken at night the details of the houses are painted onto the flat surfaces in requisite muted tones. There is no warm glow emitting from the windows. These house shaped paintings are conspicuous by the apparent lack of inhabitants, fuelling confusion and self-doubt, forcing the viewer to question perceived certainties. The presence of absence suggests the drama is occurring ‘off-screen’.

    All painting by Tom Banks
  • art, illustration, Amalie Cecilia


    Amalie Cecilia


    My work is inspired by The West Coast of Denmark (Vesterhavet), jazz and hip hop, Ghana, buildings in Copenhagen, space and time. I live in Copenhagen. I am 22 years old studying Cultural Studies which contributes to my sources of inspiration and keeps my curisosity alive!

    The best thing about creating and painting is the people you meet and connect with through the mutual love for colors, shapes, texture and sound and visuals.

    All illustration by Amalie Cecilia
  • art, photography, Andrew G Fisher
  • art, painting, Kaitlin Smrcina


    Kaitlin Smrcina


    Lately I have been grappling with what it means to have a religious identity. Growing up, Catholicism and Christianity were often used as weapons and I have been working with Christmas and other religious holidays as spiritual events versus nondenominational celebrations. With many religions scattered throughout my family I am trying to understand what faith means to me while my beliefs are nonexistent.

    All painting by Kaitlin Smrcina
  • art, painting, Javiye Bentley


    Javiye Bentley


    In his pursuit to change the perception of art, American artist Javiye Bentley has developed an interesting perspective himself. Although he respects the tradition of art, his approach seems that of someone who prefers disruption and rebellion. His fluid-like abstractions seem to contradict the very raw, and battered canvas's they inhabit. Although the paintings are tantalizing, the colors seem to almost mask the very dark and painful stories they depict.

    All painting by Javiye Bentley
  • art, photography, Jinhyun Cha


    Jinhyun Cha


    I’m trying to reinterpret the true identity of Korea, the world’s only divided nation, and the boundaries of ideologies through my work. I hope to reveal how the legacy deviated form the war became mystified and how the war products turned into cultural or political capitals.

    All photography by Jinhyun Cha
  • art, illustration, Aleksandar Todorovic


    Aleksandar Todorovic


    I create socially and politically inspired works of art, inspired by our everyday problems. I created my own set of archetypal characters which i use to create narrative regarding our contemporary modern world. There is the overall use of religious composition and visual symbols, mostly from the tradition of Orthodox Christian Icons. They are mixed with certain surrealism and illustration-like visual style i employ, with references to pop culture, comic books and video-game aesthetics etc. I also use a lot of dark humor, irony and satire.

    All illustration by Aleksandar Todorovic
  • art, photography, Jacob Mitchell


    Jacob Mitchell


    These works are surrealistic perceptions of space and form that reflect the unconscious mind. Photographic images allow me the ability to warp the natural world through heavy digital manipulation, natural spaces transform into projections of dream like experiences. Dreams are something that we all experience; but one has little control over the content of those. What do dreams tell us about ourselves, about our consciousness? These images are reflections of a much more complex schematic thinking process. My intention is to broaden the conscious mind, challenge and inspire the audience to think critically about their own self-awareness. I ask many questions of reality and its constructs, of the differences between a dream and a waking state, and of the possible realms that may rest beyond the physical and the visible.

    All photography by Jacob Mitchell
  • art, illustration, Clovis C.M


    Clovis C.M


    I've been exploring the relationship between man and nature. In terms of content I've always had a strong affinity for natural science illustration and portraiture. Stylistically my work is pretty much all line based. I've always loved the graphic nature of linework and how contrasting bold graphic lines with thin delicate lines can give you an ever-expanding range of tools to work with, and it's the use of these tools I look to explore.

    All illustration by Clovis C.M
  • art, photography, Cyril Sancereau


    Cyril Sancereau


    Cyril Sancereau is a French photographer from Paris, based in Malta. A student of architecture and graduate of Beaux Arts de Rennes, Cyril specializes in architecture and landscape photography. His photographic work tries to document the impermanence and fragility of the landscape. Cyril focuses his attention on fragments of the territory, where the transition and the in-between are revealed. By deliberately choosing to distance himself from the photo essay on a specific place he keeps from his strolls only traces of the fragile and the ephemeral.

    All photography by Cyril Sancereau


    Art, painting, Madeline Gallucci

    Madeline Gallucci



    Art, photography, Dana Stirling

    Dana Stirling



    Art, photography, paddelproduction




    Art, painting, Josie Stevenson

    Josie Stevenson



    Art, painting, Hedley Roberts

    Hedley Roberts



    Art, photography, Louis De Belle

    Louis De Belle



    Art, painting, Chantal van Houten

    Chantal van Houten



    Art, photography, Varvara Shinkarenko

    Varvara Shinkarenko